Saturday, February 14, 2009

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A full performance of
George F. Handel's
Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009
2:30pm (Informance at 1:30pm)
Avalon TheaterMain @ 7th St.Grand Junction, CO Conductor - James Werner

If you would like to donate to support this musical gift to our community please click on our Donor Information page.

The Messiah Choral Society chorus is unauditioned. If you would like to sing, just come to the first rehearsal, Jan 15, 2-4pm, at the First Methodist Church downtown. We expect 100 singers. The roster of singers will be closed after the 3rd rehearsal so you must attend at least one of the first three rehearsals to be included in the chorus. Roughly one third of the chorus has sung Messiah many times before, one third has sung it at least one time before, and one third that has never sung it before. Most rehearsals include a sectional rehearsal for your part only. Rehearsal CD's which emphasize your part against the other parts are available for $1. It is the same CD as last year so if you have one you need not purchase another.
Rehearsals and the performance will be under the direction of Artistic Director James Werner. Jim is an accomplished tenor, Director of Music at the First Methodist Church, Director of the Shumann Singers, Artistic Director of the High Desert Opera, and a voice teacher. Our contract with Jim gives him complete artistic authority over the performance.
Lane Luke will be our rehearsal accompanist. Carlos Elias will be our concertmaster. Philip Wyse will play the harpsicord.
If you plan to attend the rehearsal, click on these special instructions. We will rehearse each subsequent Sunday afternoon at 2-4pm. A detailed list of all the rehearsal times is available at Rehearsal Schedule.
This year, and in subsequent years, we will be using the Leonard Van Camp Edition of the Messiah vocal score. We will have 75 copies of the score for sale at the first rehearsal. The price is $8.00. If you already have a different score, bring it as differences will be minor. The page layout of the Leonard Van Camp edition is identical to the Shirmer edition so it is easy to "be on the same page" if you use the Shirmer edition.

If you would like to sing in our chorus see Call for Singers.
If you are already singing with us see Notes for Singers

See you there!